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Instruments Our selection of virtual instruments and associated presets and expansion sample packs

Buy ANY TWO* libraries or VST Instruments, and get a third product of equal or lesser value free. Just order as usual, and then reply to your link email with the name of your chosen free product.

(*Offer good for all products except Endangered Rhythms and Fortuity VST, which may be used as one of your  paid products, but not as your free product due to contractual considerations. Also, you may use a bundle as  your paid choice, but not as your free product)

Fortuity Audio:
Dark Mangrove
Miasma Falls
The Lurker


Fortuity VST $40 Windows 
Powered by a custom engine by HG Fortune, and fueled by a 211mb, 5 bank, 254 instrument soundset in sf2 format, and comes with over 300 presets. The engine is a 2-layer, 16-voice polyphonic derived from Fortune's STS-series technology.
Prometheus Audio:
CryptoTronix 13
Drone 304
Morning Glory
Rhythm 04
Uncrime Neighs  
Beauty Drone
Digital Spring

Prometheus Pro VST $100. For Windows
Prometheus Pro VST is powered by the WusikEngine version 5.8.2
Prometheus is a true sampler,recording, importing and editing audio for use in the
instrument's synth architecture.
Prometheus Pro's soundset is 9.78 gigabytes, featuring all-new, or never before used in
Wusik format samples. It includes lush pads, twisted synth fx, evocative soundscapes
and more. It is the ideal instrument for composers and players looking for moody
atmospherics, sci-fi soundtrack effects, and ambient textures to add just the right
touch of esoterica, but is also at home as a meat and potatoes workhorse.

For the sound designer, there are ample building blocks from which to construct your
creative vision, and for plug-n-play users, there are more than 2000 ready to go presets.

Prometheus Free. Free demo version. Limits include no preset saving and 30 minute time limit. 32 presets, 500 megs worth of samples.

Listen to Prometheus X

Prometheus X $60 The power of the Prometheus VST with a new, smaller, downloadable soundset of 900 megabytes of all-new samples. Also available as a library. Soundsets are sfz with wav files for maximum flexibility and compatibility with other sfz-loading synths. $60 VST,  $30 Library Only


Dangerous VST Bundle $80 Prometheus X and Fortuity together for one low price. You get two powerful synth engines, both full soundsets  in sf2 and wav with sfz files plus about 500 presets between the two instruments. 
Disc Option $10. Most dBu products are downloads, except as noted, but you can order on disc for this extra fee per product.
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