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News The latest official information on Dangerous Bear products and activities
May 25th, 2009: Updates for Apokrypha 2 and Prometheus X. Adding support for Camel Audio's new Alchemy synth is the key to these updates to two of dBu's SFZ Universal libraries. Apokrypha 2 adds a new set of Dimension presets as well as Alchemy support, and fixes a looping problem with certain samples. For Prometheus X, in addition to Alchemy, this update adds Kontakt support, as well as the new WusikEngine 5.8.2 update. Both updates are free to users.
May 2009: Dangerous Bear  Presents Pay What You Want Marketplace. In an effort both to bring new experimental and legacy favorite samples to market and make quality soundware even more affordable, dBu introduces its Pay What You Want Marketplace. This is simply a webpage and pricing program where you can donate a sum of money you think the samples are worth(minmum prices may apply). We're starting with just a few titles, but more will be introduced or included in the program.
March 24th 2009: Introducing Two-For-One Tuesdays. Beginning March 24th and continuing into the indefinite future, every Tuesday when you buy a library or VST, you get a second product of equal or lesser value FREE. Exceptions include that you may not use Endangered Rhythms, Dangerous Grooves Perimeter Sound Edition or Fortuity VST as your second free product due to contractual considerations, and you may use a product bundle as your paid selection, but not as your second free selection. Otherwise, it's anything goes. Every Tuesday from Midnight to Midnight GMT-5(Eastern Time Zone North America).
January 30th 2009: Apokrypha 2 Released. The library is now available for download. It is available for a limited time introductory price of $60 through February 28th, regular price $70. Work is already under way for preset expansions that will add support for Alchemy and Wusik, with other instruments to come. Watch this space for news about updates.
January 23rd 2009: Apokrypha 2 Update. The library is on course for its release at the end of the month. We are projecting  a Friday, January 30th date of availability for download. You may now preorder at a $60 intro price, good through the release date, so you now have that option as well as the continuing Buy Kontakt Pack 2, get Apokrypha 2 free deal. More details about content will be posted here soon. 
January 2nd, 2009: Apokrypha 2 In Preperation for Release This Month. This major update to our Kontakt library includes new samples which more than double the previous data volume of samples, and includes hundreds of new samples, instrunets and presets. Apokrypha 2 conforms to our new SFZ Universal standard: the native sample format is sfz+wav files, with presets for the diverse instruments we support, including Kontakt, Dimension and WusikEngine(through the Prometheus and Anomaly VSTis, but the presets will load in any WusikEngine instrument 5.6.2 or higher) and, coming soon, Camel Audio's new synth Alchemy. The projected price of Apokrypha 2 will be between $65 and $75. Current users of Apokrypha can upgrade, and users of other select dBu or Westgate products may corssgrade for a discount price. For new users, we have a special deal: from now until Apokrypha 2 is released, if you buy Kontakt Pack 2 which includes Apokrypha, DroneWorx and Konnektions  at its regular price of $65, you'll get Apokrypha 2 free.
January, 2009: Introducing SFZ Universal-One Sample Format, Many Instruments. Dangerous Bear Underground announces our new formatting concept for our VSTs and libraries, SFZ Universal. The idea is that by using sfz+wav as the native format of our products, we can the supply the samples and presets for diverse instruments in one package. So instead of having to maintain separate format-specific editions of our products, we can now offer the user a single library that will serve many different instruments. This includes Wusik, Dimension, Kontakt, and Rapture. Plus with the wav files available "in the clear", we will also be able to continue and expand our support of Absynth and Battery. By developing our new libraries and revising our current lines to this new standard, we will be better able to serve the users of the various instruments we support with presets and help you the user get more bang for the buck by using the open standard. Current SFZ Universal products include Anomaly VST and Library, Prometheus X VST and library, DroneWorx and Fluxions. Coming soon will be Dangerous Keyz, FXD 3 our drum and percussion library, and Apokrypha 2, a major update of that Kontakt library. Watch this space for more news about releases of new and updated SFZ universal products and more information about how you can use sfz to optimize not only your dBu and Westgate products, but the rest of your sample library.
January, 2009: Happy New Year! Thanks to all our users, old and new, for making 2008 a great year for us. we wish you happiness, health and prosperity in 2009. Stay with us for what we are working to make our best year yet, with new sample libraries and major updates to existing libraries and instruments.
December 2008: Dangerous Bear Holiday Values. This is the season for savings at dBu. We have three great specials going on now through the end of 2008. One is the continuation of our free Prometheus X  with purchase of Kontakt Pack 3. That's six Kontakt libraries(also including sounds for Absynth and Battery)plus Prometheus X with its 900 megs of sounds plus presets for Wusik, Dimension and Rapture for only $125 through December 31st. Then there's 20% off Prometheus Pro, plus you get the upcoming expansion update free. That's getting a $125 product(the updated Promtheus Pro at its new price) for only $80. So it's really more like 36% off. Through January 1st Thirdly, our Holiday '08 Group Buy  features Prometheus X(WusikEngine VST, sfz+wav samples, Dimension, and Rapture presets), DroneWorx(sfz+wav samples; Absynth, Dimension, Kontakt, and Rapture presets), Fluxions(sfz+wav samples; Dimension, Kontakt, Wusik presets) and Dangerous Grooves Perimeter Sound Edition(wav and rex 2 loops). You get this package for a maximum price of $110, and a minimum price of only $75, which is $50 off regular price for all these products. Through January 1st  
November 2008: Prometheus X Released. Our newest VST, with a 900 megabyte soundset in sfz format. Powered by  version 5.6.8 ofthe WusikEngine, which adds sfz support to the extensive list of features. Prometheus X is a lighter weight soundset that the flagship Prometheus Pro, but still packs a heavy punch. The soundset includes pads, synths, keys, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, fx sounds and a variety of dark, ambient and abstract soundscapes. By using sfz as its native format, the Prometheus X soundset is useable in any sampler or sample player that loads that format. Presets are included not only for the VST itself(or any WusikEngine-based instrument version 5.6.2 or higher) but also for Dimension and Rapture. Prometheus X is also available as a library only without the VST. Price is $60 VST, $30 Library Only. But, Through November 30th, you can buy Prometheus X for the introductory price of $50 VST, $25 Library Only.
November, 2008 Prometheus VST Line Expanded and Reorganized. The Prometheus VST is now the Prometheus Line of VST products, and is being expanded with all-new samples, presets and a new instrument, Prometheus X. Prometheus VST is now designated Prometheus Pro, and includes the same great 11.5 gigabyte sample library as before. But we have now begun work on a massive sample and preset expansion scheduled for January release. This will be a paid upgrade for current users, and the new expanded instrument will rise in price for new users, but users who buy Prometheus Pro after November 1st will get the update free. The expansion will include the entire Prometheus X soundset as well as more sounds either newly created for Prometheus Pro or never released in Wusik format before. Prometheus X is the new addition to the family and includes a predominantly all-new soundset but also includes a handful of favorites form Prometheus Pro. However, the twist with Prometheus X is that its native soundset format is sfz. That means you'll be able to use the samples in a wide range of aother instruments such as Kontakt, Dimension and rapture. I fact, because the sfz format consists of wav files with a text-based definition file, you'll have direct access to the wav files for any application you want to use them in. Rounding out the line is Prometheus-Anomaly Fusion, which includes Prometheus Pro combined with the brilliant Anomaly library created by dBu Chief Sound designer Daniel Kemp. Fusion will be updated along with Pro. Look for more devlopment of the Prometheus VST line in 2009.
September 1st, 2008 24-Z Pad Collection Released. Twenty-four all-new pads in sfz for only $15, September 1st-30th only.
September, 2008 Prometheus on Sale, Just $80 through September 30th. Our flagship VSTi For 20% off, all month long. About Prometheus:
September, 2008 Crazy Backwards Sale. Throughout September, selected dBu Products will be made available at radical discounts for short, 3-5 day sales. The "crazy backwards" aspect is that the price starts at its lowest, and increases as time passes, so the sooner you buy, the more you save. Watch the site for more details of specific sales.
August 19th 2008 Dangerous VST Bundles. Prometheus and Fortuity as a powerful team at a discount bundle price. Only $120 for both the HG Fortune-designed Fortuity engine and the Prometheus powered by WusikEngine sampler and their respective soundsets for almost twelve gigabytes of samples in sf2, WusikSND and wav. Or for charting even deeper sonic waters, Dangerous VST+ is available, combining the two instruments and their libraries with Anomaly Wusik and sf2 Editions for only $180.
August 15th, 2008 FXD 3 For Battery and Kontakt Released. The drum and percussion library FXD3 Native Instruments Edition is officially released and will ship to preorderers today. The library includes 36 Battery kits and 45 Kontakt instruments based on over 1000 individual samples. Sounds range from pristine acoustic to radically electronic and include basic traps, ethnic percussion, classic beatboxes, electric drums and found object percussives. More info, a free demo soundset and ordering here:
August 2008 Prometheus Updated to WusikEngine Version 5. With the release of WusikEngine version 5.1.2, Prometheus not only includes a sample editor for editing soundsets at the sample level and into which you may import your own wav files to create soundsets, but it is now also a true sampler with the ability to record audio routed from your host. In addition, new features include looping and auto looping and you may also load any .exe audio editing or processing application for further manipulation of your sounds. Now that one of the most powerful synth engines available has thus opened itself up, when teamed with the extensive included sample library Prometheus is truly unchained.

June 30th, 2008 Native Instruments Superpack Announced. This summer special is a discount bundle of Anomaly (both Absynth and Kontakt Editions) , Apokrypha, Dangerous Keyz, DroneWorx and Vision will be on sale from July 1st through August 31st for only $135, 20% off full price if purchased separately. With more NI material coming very soon and being added to the package as we go, and plans for adding special cross-library presets and multis, this collection will grow and evolve. Read more, hear audio, and order here:

May 2nd 2008 DroneWorx Released. Made in collaboration with Westgate Sounds, DroneWorx is now available for download in both Native Instruments(wav files with Kontakt .nki Instrument and .nkm Multi files and Absynth .ksd files) and Cakewalk(ogg vorbis samples with sfz definition files and Dimension Pro and Rapture Program files) Editions. DroneWorx is a collection of highly evocative ambient soundscapes, and is both your passport and vehicle to explore new sonic worlds. Each individual format is only $30, and a bundle of both for only $40. Users who preordered will be receiving links over the May 3rd-4th weekend, and new users will get their links on a first-come, first serve basis within 24 hours of ordering. 

May 2nd 2008 Prometheus Instrument and Preset Updates Released. 49 new presets and free update to WusikEngine version 4.6.2. Users will be receiving download emails, and new users will get the newest engine and presets automatically.

March 24th 2008 Resynth Project One For Doppelmangler Released. Fifty sounds for White Noise Audio Software's well-liked resynthesis/sample mangler for only $5. Based on diverse selections form the dBu sample archives. Order here:

March 17th 2008 Kontakt Sale. Apokrypha($24, regularly $30),Dangerous Keys($16, regularly $20), and Vision($20, regularly $25) are all now on sale for 20% off or buy Apokrypha and Vision, get Dangerous Keys free. March 17th-31st. 

March 10th 2008: Prometheus Demo Now Available. A limited function, small soundset taste of the dBu flagship VSTi. Limits include no preset saving and a 30-minute time limit. Download Prometheus Lite:

February 15th, 2008: Prometheus VST Released. Powered by the WusikEngine, Prometheus features an 11.5 gigabyte soundset and over 1500 presets. Read more, hear audio, and order here: 
February 15th, 2008: President's Day Sale On Native Instruments Library Bundles. Two bundles, one for Kontakt, one for Absynth, available for the weekend of Friday, February 15th through Monday, February 19th only. Save over 30% on Apokrypha, Anomaly, and Vision for Kontakt, and Anomaly and CryptoTronix for Absynth. Only $70 for the Kontakt bundle and $50 for the Absynth package. Available on this page only, this weekend only.
February 2008: Loop Blowout. The original Dangerous Grooves (NOT the Perimeter Sound Edition) is being discontinued as of this month. It is being blown out at the ridiculous price of $5 for wav and rex2. The sample content itself will live on, in Kontakt(FXD3) and Sampletank(as an Alchemy Expansion Element, summer 2008) and possibly in other projects. New recording with Johann has begun, and new Dangerous Grooves will be released in 2008.
January 2008: New Loops Released. Now available in wav format, Dangerous Grooves Perimeter Sound Edition expands to include 5 Volumes. Previously released(and also available in rex2) is Hip-Hop-LoFi. Now also released are Techno-DrumNBass, NeoTribal, and two Volumes of FX loops. Based on drum performances by dBu associate Johann Rucker and edited by Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound, these loops cover a wide diversity of sound, style, tempo and feel. $30. The new Volumes will be released in rex2 over the course of 2008, and current users will have discount crossgrade opportunities.
January 2008: Prometheus Updated and Expanded. Sample and preset content which had previously been earmarked for expansion packs for Prometheus have now been added to the base package, more than doubling the size of the instrument's core library to 11.5 gigabytes and over 1300 presets. 
December 2007: Prometheus VSTi Announced. Based on the WusikEngine, Prometheus offers users a 4.5 gigabyte soundset and hundreds of presets. The soundset includes all-new samples focused on synthesis and soundscaping. Available for preorder at the introductory price of only $75, and scheduled for release in early 2008. 
December 2007: Anomaly Volume Three Released For Multiple Formats, Full Three Volume Set Consolidated. In association with Westgate Sounds, dBu presents the latest soundsets in the Anomaly series. Developed by dBu Chief Sound Designer Daniel Kemp, Anomaly is available in Editions for Absynth, Dimension, Kontakt, Rapture, Sampletank, sf2 and WusikEngine synths, such as dBu's Prometheus. Users of the previous two volumes have been emailed special links to order discount-priced crossgrades. However, as of this release, the Volumes will no longer be available separately, but will be sold as a single set for $50 per Edition, with discounts for Native Instruments and Cakewalk bundles.   
December 2007: New Kontakt Products, Announced And Released. dBu has announced and released several new products for Native instruments samplers Kontakt and Battery. Vision 3 is a revised and updated version of the popular first dBu product for Kontakt. Now including elements of both Vision Volumes One and Two and adds a large volume of new material. The collection focuses on layered and stacked synth sounds and includes 1.34 gigabytes of samples and 156 instrument presets. Vision 3 is now available for $25. Apokrypha is a one gigabyte, 235 Instrument collection of audio oddities and heresies. Available now, $30. Dangerous Keyz is a collection of electric pianos and organs including 60 instruments and over 300 megabytes. Essential vintage and modern sounds. Available now, $20. Also announced for release in 2008 were DroneWorx, FXD3, and Konnektions. DroneWorx is a collection of abstract ambiences. FXD3 is a drum, percussion and loop library for Kontakt and Battery. Konnektions is a collection of synth sounds for Kontakt, emphasiszing Kontakt's synthesis engines' deep power. All three are available for preorder. Please watch this page for more information about these libraries and their releases.   
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