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Products Virtual instruments and soundware for select virtual instruments 

Buy ANY TWO* libraries or VST Instruments, and get a third product of equal or lesser value free. Just order as usual, and then reply to your link email with the name of your chosen free product.

(*Offer good for all products except Deep Spaces, Tom Gersic Prepared Piano and Fortuity VST, which may be included with your paid products, but not as your free product due to contractual considerations. Also, you may use a bundle as your paid choice, but not as your free product)

Dangerous Bear Virtual Instruments
dBu Signature Creative collaborations and libraries created by elite sound designers.
Pay What You Want Marketplace Donationware in various formats.
Alchemy Synth Textures One-Analog Pay What You Want. First in a series of small, inexpensive libraries for Camel Audio's sample manipulation synth. This edition is based on 32 analog samples plus Alchemy's own VA mode. 32 presets, which with the 8 performance snapshots per patch yields 256 sounds Please respect minimum donation of $5. Listen:

Alchemy Synth Textures Two-Wavetable $20 This set of presets is focused on Alchemy's wave oscillator functionality. It includes 77 presets, 64 waveforms and 32 lfo waves. Audio Examples:
Metaverse Alchemy Library $59 Pads, sound effects and soundscapes are the preset content for this collection of patches for Camel Audio's ultimate sample-manipulation synth. Includes 130 presets and 3.48 gigabytes of sfz samples.  Audio Demo 1: Audio Demo 2:
Metaverse Bonus Patches FREE. 24 patches and over 1 gigabyte of samples taken not only from the metaverse library but from a diverse array of other dBU libraries. Download:
Anomaly SFZ Universal Sample Library. A totally unique collection created by sound designer Daniel Kemp. Volume 1, Percussive Ambiances, features drummer Johann Rucker, transforming his drum performances into rhythmically pulsating and timbrally moving soundscapes. Volume 2, Drones, is the product of radically processing and resampling sounds from the Dangerous Bear sample pool. Volume 3 features pads, generated from the same processes as the Volume 2 Drones, but multisampled. Volume 4 continues the journey into new sonic worlds. Volume 5 adds the dimension of the human voice with a set of wav files and sf2 instruments of whispers and chants.  Anomaly SFZ  Universal  Sample Library includes samples in sfz+wav format with over 2000 presets for Absynth, Dimension, Kontakt, Rapture and Wusik $70.
Apokrypha 2 SFZ Universal Sample Library $70. The massively expanded and extensively updated SFZ Universal update/upgrade of Apokrypha. Still includes all of the first version content but with 3 times the sample data volume using sfz+wav files as the native format, with presets for Alchemy, Kontakt and Dimension. Featuring the famous Tom Gersic Prepared Piano library, our legendary CryptoTronix and TempralSonix sets and adding a selection of sounds from our Vox Humana project (sounds derived from human voice sources), Apokrypha 2 also gives you more synth textures, more environmental sounds, and more of the uncategorizeable but revelatory. Hear it: 
Apokrypha 2/Prometheus X Bundle $100 VST $80 Library Only. Two great soundsets, one low price, with WusikEngine VST or just the libraries to use in Cakewalk's Dimension and Rapture, Native Instruments' Kontakt, Camel Audio's Alchemy or any other sfz-loading soft synth.

Apokrypha 2: TemporalSonix
Apokrypha 2: Environments 2
Apokrypha 2: Tom Gersic's Prepared Piano
Apokrypha 2: Cakewalk Dimension Sounds
Apokrypha 2 Sampletank Edition $30  Apokrypha 2 now in ST2.5 format. 

DroneWorx 2 SFZ Universal Sample Library $60 For Absynth,  Dimension, Kontakt and Rapture. Experimental soundscapes created by John Gibson and Daniel Kemp. This library made in collaboration with Westgate Sounds includes wav samples with sfz definition files, with Native Instruments Kontakt .nki Instrument and .nkm Multi files and Absynth .ksd files, and Cakewalk  Dimension and Rapture .prog Program files. DroneWorx, as a collection of highly evocative ambient textures, is both your passport and vehicle to explore new sonic worlds. Version 2 adds more than 300 mb of new samples with presets for Kontakt and Dimension. Preset updates For Rapture and Absynth to come in the fall of 2009. Listen:

Fluxions SFZ Universal Sample Library $30 This collection of unique sonic tapestries is as deep and mysterious as time itself. Mesozoic Sound is a team of veteran experimental musicians with over thirty years experience. Fluxions, their first sample library, is available in SFZ Universal format, with presets for Dimension, Kontakt and WusikEngine instruments version 5.6.2 or higher. Listen:
Fluxions SFZ Universal Sample Library $30
Prometheus X VST $60 and SFZ Universal Library $30 Powered by WusikEngine VST with a 900 megabyte downloadable soundset comprised of almost entirely all-new samples created for the project. Also available as a library including Alchemy, Dimension, Kontakt, Rapture and Wusik presets.  Soundsets are sfz with wav files for maximum flexibility and compatibility with other sfz-loading synths. Hear Prometheus X:

Disc Option $10. Most dBu products are downloads, except as noted, but you can order on disc for this extra fee per product.

About SFZ Universal:
SFZ Universal is a new way of organizing our soundware  to serve  many instruments with a single sample library. Instead of creating format-specific products for the various instruments we support, we have chosen to take advantage of the growing support for the sfz format in the VST world and release libraries using that format as native at the sample level while including presets for the diverse instruments that load it. These include Alchemy, Dimension, Kontakt, Rapture and WusikEngine instruments version 5.6.2 or higher, including our own Prometheus and Anomaly VSTs. Plus, via the wav files, we will also be able to continue and expand support for Absynth and Battery.
What this means for us is greater efficiencies in the creative process and in inventory administration. What it means for you is better, more useful soundware.
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