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Pay What You Want Marketplace
To optimize both the quality and affordability of available soundware Dangerous Bear offers users the opportunity to set their own price for select soundsets. In some cases, a minumum price is set, please honor that. Otherwise, just pay what it's worth to you.
Alchemy Synth Textures One-Analog. First in a series of libraries for Camel Audio's sample-manipulation synth. Please respect $5 minimum donation. Read more HERE

Prometheus X Sampletank Edition (Minimum price $10) The great SFZ Universal library with support for WusikEngine synths and Dimension, soon to include support for Alchemy, Kontakt and Rapture now available for the first time in ST 2.5 format. Learn more about Prometheus X HERE:

DroneWorx Sampletank Edition (Minimum price $10) Sampletank version of the SFZ Universal library. Learn more about DroneWorx HERE:

Konnektions Sampletank Edition (Minimum Price $10) Collection of pads and synths previously available for Kontakt now for Sampletank. Features 55 ST instruments and 187 child presets employing Sampletank's deep effects and STRETCH synth engine. Hear Konnektions SE
Fluxions Sampletank Edition (Minimum Price $5) The ST version of Mesozoic Sounds' popular library. Read more about Fluxions HERE.
CryptoTronix Sampletank Edition (Minimum Price $5) The thought experiment of what would an unknown sampler of the 1980s that got its memory scrambled sound like brought to life for Sampletank.
Buy All Sampletank Titles Everything for one user-defined price! Please honor minimum prices.

Dangerous Keyz Kontakt electric piano and organ library.  

FXD3 Drum and percussion library for Kontakt and Battery. (Minimum price $10)